Where to Get Help

Get Help

TVCC has a competent and well trained Helpdesk staff, and a continous improvement process to increase performance. Please contact the IT help desk for assistance on accessing any of your technology resources.  Verfication of your identity is needed for security.  If you need help changing your password, the Helpdesk will request your name, ID number and other information to verify your identy.  

The IT Helpdesk is located in the Albertosn's Building #12 on the campus map.
Phone: 541-881-5777
Email: helpdesk@tvcc.cc
Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 7:30am to 6:00pm

If you are having a technology issue please fill out a help desk ticket and a technician will contact you to resolve your issue.

Fill out a help desk ticket


Instructional Support

Looking for some help with your course content or use of technology?  The office of Instructional Design is available to provide one-on-one or small group trainings.  Please reach out to: 

Nicole Baird
Instructional Designer
Tel: (541) 881-5847
Email:  nbraid@tvcc.cc


Additional Support

Canvas has a direct support line available for all Faculty.  If you have any issues with your Canvas system please reach out to the Canvas Support Hotline at 1-833-799-8803

Canvas has a whole site dedicated with guides and video's to help you with your course and content needs.  Check out many of the guides available at https://community.canvaslms.com/community/answers/guides/canvas-guide

If you are new to Zoom or looking for help with how to use Zoom, visit the Zoom help center online at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us

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