Resources for Students


These days, earning a degree no longer requires you to adjust your schedule to fit the designated times of on-campus courses. With a growing number of online degree programs being made available, it’s now easier than ever to advance your education from almost anywhere with flexible scheduling.

If you’ve never taken a course over the Internet, you may be wondering how to succeed in an online class and how much it may vary from a traditional classroom learning environment. We have put together a list of resources to help you be successful with your online courses.


Before Class Begins

If you have not logged into your TVCC account now would be a good time to go through the setup process.  Start your account setup by going the website and login with your college Email and password.  Be sure to setup your security settings under the Account settings page.

Take the time to sign up for the Canvas Orientation course.  The information in this course is broken apart into Learning Modules that will prepare you to successfully use Canvas in your traditional, hybrid, and/or online course(s).

Canvas and Zoom

Most of TVCC's course are offered in the Canvas online learning management system.  Below we have provide some helpful resource to help you navigate the Canvas system.  Many of the online courses take advantage of using Zoom to provide online live virtual instruction.  Check out the resources provided to help make your Zoom experience as best as possible.

Microsoft Email and Office 365

College Email and access to all of the Microsoft Office 365 applications are available online.  Visit you will have access to popular applications like Microsoft Word or Excel online.  

OneDrive is your personal TVCC cloud. You can sync your PC files to backup files or just have them available when off-campus. See this article for more information and learn how to access your OneDrive

Computer Labs

Having trouble with your pesonal computer?  If so reach out the IT department, they might be able to help with your technolgoy.  If you need to use a TVCC computer you may visit the Barber Hall 102 computer lab.  Their is a few comptuers available web cams and the Respondus Lockdown browsers for taking exams. If you prefer to stay away from Campus try using a TVCC Virtual Desktops. These are machiens on TVCC Campus you can access remotely.  See directions below.

Resource Guides for TVCC Academic Continuity Plan

Academic Continuity Plan