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While working remotely, the college has a number of tools available to help employees access technology services from off-campus. Most of the college's technology is available off-campus without the use of the campus VPN. Here is a list of tools and services that could enable an employee to work remotely without a VPN.

Before accessing any college resources or technology be sure to review TVCC's Information Security best practices.  It is essential everyone does their part to help protect college data and resources.

TVCC InfoSec Best Practices Work from Home Checklist


Microsoft Email and Office 365

College Email and access to all of the Microsoft Office 365 applicatons are available online.  Visit to get access to popular applications like Microsoft Word or Excel online.  

OneDrive is your personal TVCC cloud. You can sync your work PC to backup files or just have them available when off-campus. See this article for more information and learn how to access your OneDrive

Telephone and Instant Messaging

Do you want to forward you desk phone to another number while you are off campus? Want to know how to check your voicemail or change your greeting message? This document will guild you through the steps to connect to the college phone system.

Microsoft Teams is a hub for team collaboration in Office 365. All your team conversations, meetings, and apps live together in a single shared workspace. Teams has also incorporated Skype into it, so you you can conduct remote meetings using Microsoft Teams. To access Microsoft Teams, log into using your TVCC account.


TVCC has licenses for Zoom, a remote conference tool that allows for multiple people to join a meeting.  Zoom has the option to allow for screen sharing and recording meetings. Check out some of the Zoom guides and videos to help you get started.  To create your account visit to provision your account and setup your personal meeting room.

Office 365 SharePoint Collaboration

Need access to files while off-campus? Some departments are moving their shared drives to TVCC's SharePoint Collaboration site. The collaboration site will not only allow you to share and store files, but it can do much more. You can share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate. Contact IT if your department would like to move your shared drive to the TVCC Office 365 SharePoint Collaboration site.

Remote Access and VPN setup

Due to security configurations of the college network, some technology services are only accessible by using a Virtual Desktop or connecting to the college VPN. Examples include access to the Jenzabar System, Department shared drives, Personal U drives and using the Mitel desktop phone client.  If you need access to any of these resources contact IT to help you figure out what will be the method for you to access.

Resource Guides for TVCC Academic Continuity Plan

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