When does your class meet?

  • Live classes are held at a scheduled time/days in classrooms on campus.
  • Virtual classes are held at a scheduled time/days via Zoom.
  • Hybrid classes are held at a scheduled time/days via Zoom and at some time during the quarter you will also have to attend in-person / on campus.
    (you need to read the details for hybrid classes, when you sign-up as these have mixed instructional methods). Example of Hybrid. You have lecture class via Zoom (like virtual classes), but must attend "live" for labs
  • Online - Lectures and assignments are online. You do not meet at a specific time nor do you need to come to campus.
Section Letters:  
OA, OB, OC, CA, CB Live classes
OW, WW Online classes
OV Virtual Classes
OH, OI Hybrid


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Winter Priority document deadline (Dec 2)
Deadline for all documents to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office

Season of Dreams Fall Choir Concert (Dec 2)
Christmas Choral Concert Meyer-McLean Theater 7:30pm

Final Exam Week (December 5-9) (Dec 5)
Check the schedule here: https://www.tvcc.cc/academics/final_exam.cfm

Fall Concert Band Performance (Dec 6)
Contact: Dora Galan

Fall Symphony Concert (Dec 9)
Contact: Dora Galan