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Course Details

Instructor(s): Wilson, Marc

Winter 2022
Department: R
Credits: 3.00
Status: Open (7 out of 24 seats)
Meeting Type: Lecture

Course Schedules:
Day & Time Date(s) Location
MW 2:00PM-3:30PM  1/3/2022-3/18/2022  Barber Hall 224 

Course Description:
This course uses critical reading, thinking, writing, and discussion to examine the history, evolution, ideology, philosophy, sacred practices, and rituals of the dominant and lesser known religions in the Western tradition, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Zoroastrianism. Prerequisites: Pass WR 115 with a "C-" or higher, or a suitable placement score.

Course Materials
Section with Low-cost Course Materials
Book Title ISBN-10 New Used
EXPERIENCING THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS  1260253511  130.70  98.25 

Course Requisites:
Course prerequisite: Take WR115
Course prerequisite: Take WR121
Course prerequisite: Take WR122
Course prerequisite: Take WR123
Non-Course prerequisite: Place into WR121
Non-Course prerequisite: Place into WR121

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