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Course Details

Instructor(s): Stephens, Nila

Winter 2022
Department: CS
Credits: 3.00
Status: Open (8 out of 25 seats)
Meeting Type: Online

Course Schedules:
Day & Time Date(s) Location
  1/3/2022-3/18/2022  WEB 

Course Description:
In this course students will learn to use, edit, secure and extend a Content Management System (CMS) for the development of a webpage. Best practices in Search Engine Management and Optimization. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and web publishing will also be explored. Students will be introduced to the basics of web development coding as well, through a practical approach of how to modify existing code within CMS's rather than building code from scratch. The course begins with the setup of a web server and domain names, then transitions into a project lasting the entire term with continual improvements to a webpage based on student interest. There will be an emphasis on modern phot-heavy page structure and design.

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