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Course Details

Instructor(s): Porter, Sandra

Winter 2022
Department: ANS
Credits: 3.00
Status: Full (0 out of 24 seats)
Meeting Type: Lecture

Course Schedules:
Day & Time Date(s) Location
TR 2:00PM-3:20PM  1/3/2022-3/18/2022  CTE Center 127 

Course Description:
Covers the history and development of beef cattle, their distribution and adaptation, the types and breeds of beef and dual-purpose cattle, and the fundamental principles of establishing a beef production herd. Discusses cattle, genetics, problems in breeding and feeding, buildings, and equipment. Course Note: Course requires 22 hours per term, TBA with instructor. Lab hours will be made up in off campus activities

Course Requisites:
Course co-requisite: Take ANS 215 OA L

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