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Course Details

Instructor(s): Osbon, Briana

Summer 2021
Department: HSER
Credits: 4.00
Status: Open (2 out of 4 seats)
Meeting Type: Independent Study

Course Schedules:
Day & Time Date(s) Location
  6/21/2021-8/12/2021  TBA 

Course Description:
Surveys the process of obtaining and interpreting client information to determine substance abuse and substance dependence issues. Investigates how to utilize collateral information to determine client characteristics and needs, courses of action and available resources with the client's community. Presents the importance of gathering and interpreting information necessary for treatment planning and evaluating the progress of clients. Prerequisites: HSER 101 and 102, or 200 with a grade of C- or better.

Course Requisites:
Course prerequisite: Take HSER101
Course prerequisite: Take HSER102
Course prerequisite: Take HSER200

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