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Course Details

Instructor(s): West, Tamera

Summer 2021
Department: HPE
Credits: 2.00
Status: Open (10 out of 17 seats)
Meeting Type: Lecture
Note: $5.00 course fee

Course Schedules:
Day & Time Date(s) Location
TR 4:00PM-5:20PM  6/21/2021-8/12/2021  Caldwell Center 220 

Course Description:
Teaches the proper techniques in administering CPR and rescue breathing on an adult, child and infant and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on an adult and child victim. Presents the proper techniques for clearing an obstructed airway on both a conscious and unconscious victim of any age, and the proper first aid procedures to control bleeding, treat for shock, bandage wounds, splint broken bones and numerous other emergency care techniques.

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