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Course Details

Instructor(s): Fortkamp, Ross

Summer 2021
Department: AV
Credits: 4.00
Status: Open (4 out of 13 seats)
Meeting Type: Lecture

Course Schedules:
Day & Time Date(s) Location
MW 10:00AM-12:50PM  6/21/2021-8/12/2021  Caldwell Center 212 

Course Description:
This course prepares the student to apply fundamental weather information to practical flight planning problems. This course focuses on weather factors that the Federal Aviation Administration identifies as key elements involved in controlled flight into terrain, (CFIT) types of accidents. This course will train aviation students on meteorology to ensure a practical knowledge of weather phenomena, including the principles of frontal systems, icing, fog, thunderstorms, and wind shear. The course emphasizes practical concepts and critical decision-making to enable students to retain and use the information in real world low-level operations, and to mitigate hazardous weather conditions such as thunderstorms or winter flight conditions. Prerequisite: AV 108 or GSCI 109

Course Requisites:
Course prerequisite: Take AV110
Course prerequisite: Take GSCI109

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